Archipad is the new way to manage your on-site meetings and the easiest way to write down observations, removing many fastidious steps in the process. Archipad allows you to easily create punch lists, and allows you to send a report, the punch list and drawings with item locations, directly from the construction site. No need to go back to the office to prepare minutes and reports, no more losing precious hours formatting your documents.

Different information about a project, by drawing and by work package, shown clearly in pie charts, bar charts, and area charts. Each chart will show you best the state and progress being made. With just a few taps of your fingers, you will know which part of your project might run late, which contractor is not following your schedule, and on which drawing things are just as planned.

Our customers say they spend on average 50% to 75% less time per visit and sending out reports to contractors and sub-contractors using Archipad then they did before. At all times all your drawings are with you, organized and sorted, available at the touch of your finger. Enter your observations directly on your drawings, simply by pointing at the right location on your drawing.

Using the Box service, managing and integrating your drawings into Archipad become even more simple.

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