File Manager experience is now available for iOS devices. AirHub allows you to manage your files whether its locally on the device or on a remote server. Now you can play movies, videos and music without requiring them to be stored locally.

You can access Airhub's Documentation at

In case problems occur with Airhub you can report them to

Supported Servers:
1- WebDAV
2- WebDAVs
3- FTP
4- SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
5- MobileMe iDisk
6- Box

Video tutorial is available at:

1- Copy and Move files from local to remote servers or vice versa, or even directly between servers.
2- Delete files locally or remotely.
3- Rename files.
4- Create folders.
5- Archive/Unarchive files. (zip)
6- Email files.
7- Import Photos/Videos from camera roll.
8- Export Photos/Videos from remote server to camera roll. (Video extensions that are supported by Apple's camera roll can be only exported. HD formats and others might work on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 but not the other supported devices)
9- Fully featured file browser and navigation.
10- Stream videos and audio remotely from WebDAV server without being required to download them locally.
11- View pdf, doc, excel, and other supported filetypes from the app.
12- Open email attachments with AirHub to store them locally or to then copy them remotely. You can also use other apps to open files using air hub if they support the open in feature.
13- AirHub automatically detects webdav and ftp servers on your network and lists them for you.
14- Download files from safari. Just replace 'http://' with 'airhub://' or 'https://' with 'airhubs://'.
15- Sort files by Name, File Size, File Type, and last modified date
16- Two view options. List View or Icon View.
17- Password protect local folders and files. **New in this version**