AirBook is the easiest and coolest way to sync contacts without ever having to connect to a computer or worrying about deleted, lost or forgotten backups! AirBook Plus is here to help you keep your contacts safe:

You can save your contacts as a single vCard (.vcf) file, which can then be synced with to your Box account or sent to an email account of your choice. All these accounts require a one time login and can be easily managed from the settings.

Tap the friends icon on your home screen to pick and choose from your contacts and then send them to a friend as a single vCard file via email!

When importing contacts, you can search and choose which contacts to add to your address book or you can add all in a go. We prevent duplication while importing. Instead, we update the existing records with the extra info of their imported duplicates. No manual merging of contacts required, anymore!

As a bonus, you can go into your settings and either delete all contacts in your address book or pick and choose contacts you don't want anymore and delete them all with a tap. A bliss for iPhone users!