Box Drive is the incredibly simple way to stream all of your files (even terabytes of data) right to your desktop. Open your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to find every file you need. Edit like you would any local file and save it — automatically — to the cloud. And keep the enterprise-grade security protecting everything you do.

Features and Benefits

All your files, without all the hard-drive woes - With all your content streamed directly to your desktop, it’s fast and easy to access all your files in seconds — without using practically any hard drive space.

Fits the way you already work - Box Drive is natively integrated into Windows Explorer and Mac Finder, making it easy to use — and built right into the way you already work.

Easily share your workspace - Right click any folder to share instantly or open on and invite your team to view, edit and upload files, turning folders into shared, collaborative workspaces.

Never lose a file again - A stolen laptop or hard drive crash doesn’t have to mean lost files. Safely store your work documents and projects in Box Drive.

Download for Windows 64-bit here
Download for Windows 32-bit here
Download for Mac here

Click here for a list of the operating systems supported.