Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite provides full capture, retention, and supervision for Box electronic communications, including comments, tasks, and annotations on files. Theta Lake also has extensive integrations into third-party archiving and eDiscovery systems, enabling firms to leverage their existing archive of record to retain Box eComms.

Work from Anywhere has created a new challenge for security and compliance teams managing collaboration platforms as regulators expand the scope of existing regulations, SEC Rule 17a-4, for business preservation and supervision requirements and realizing that these channels are the most susceptible to risky/non-compliant behavior and oversharing of sensitive information. Theta Lake help firms manage compliance by,
* Full capture, SEC 17a-4 WORM archiving, legal-hold of comments, tasks, and annotations on Box documents
* Native chat viewer, not just a threaded history of email formatted messages
* eDiscovery across eComms and metadata
* Extensive integrations into other email archiving and data storage systems
* Automated Risk Prioritization & Detection: 75+ built-in + custom policies using NLP & ML automate regulatory, compliance, DLP, and acceptable use risk detections